Camara Fatoumatta

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Fatoumatta Camara was born on 18th of January 1994 to Gambian parents. She did her primary and secondary schooling at Saint Therese’s Lower and Upper Basic School. She later proceeded to Gambia Senior Secondary School and became an excellent student. She won the Awards of Best Literature and the overall Best Arts Student in 2013. 

In pursue of higher education, Fatoumata travelled to Kuwait in 2013 to Study Arabic as a Second Language and Business Administration where she passed with distinction.

In 2016 she gained admission into The University of The Gambia: Bachelor's of Science in Political Science. During her time as student she have contributed to the advancement of her school by volunteering as the First Female Auditor General of Social Sciences and Humanities Students Association in 2020. She has also volunteered with organizations that promotes social justice and free access to education like Society of Awareness and Social Reforms.

Her professional career started with Heewal Bureau De Chancein 2015 and later SS Institute a skill center meant for women and girls empowerment where she served as the Admin and Finance for two years. . She interned with National Youth Parliament an institution meant to serve the interest of young people in The Gambia. She moved to Peace Hub The Gambia as a Program Assistant, a peace building organization geared towards creating a conducive environment for young people in peace building and maintenance of social cohesion and strengthen the Transitional Justice in the country. She has overseen and implemented projects meant to strengthen peace in her society and The Gambia. She led initiatives like Intergenerational Dialogues on Traditional Conflict Management Mechanism, Safe Space for Peace, Reintegration of Migrant Returnees to Foster Social Cohesion, I Support Peaceful Election Women Peace Circles etc. .

Fatoumata is a trained and certified leader through the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, and Young Women Political Leadership School. Fatoumatta leadership did not stop at an organization level She served as an interim President of the University of The Gambia Debate Association 2021-2022. 

Fatoumatta is an enthusiast and committed Pacifist.

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