Muzenge Daisy

Pays : Zambie


My name is Daisy Muzenge, I am Zambian by nationality and 29 years old. I am single with no children, I love to cook and play volleyball in my free time. I graduated from the highest institution of learning in my country Zambia called the University of Zambia with a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education. I have not yet been deployed by the government to work but currently working with a company that deals in plant stem cell. 

I run a clothing business called Beautiful Daisies and I am a founder of a non profitable organization called Crystal Love Foundation which promotes self love and celibacy especially in women. And with time we hope to start sponsoring young girls to get into school in order for them to acquire skills that will enable them to sustain themselves and also help the families they come from. This is what we as an organization are currently working towards achieving.

I am the current Zambian President for the International organization called the Young Promoters for Peace and my role as President is to effectively communicate the importance of building a peaceful World for us to live and be able to thrive in. My other role is to interact with my fellow youths and inspire them to be Promoters of peace within and outside their respective communities with passion and enthusiasm as well as commitment. We as a whole are to build a multi lateral system and which peace will thrive.

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